Words from our customers

This is a sweet electric cart. Construction is really solid. Set-up and fold-down are simple, easy, and fast. The elastic ball straps work great to hold the golf bag securely; the bag does not rotate or shift at all. The accessories are just right. The remote is intuitive to use with practically no learning curve. There's also a rheostat  knob on the cart handle so you can hold the cart and vary its speed, which is a nice feature for going up or down really steep hills. The cart handles normal terrain fine--no issues really.

The freedom and ease you get by simply walking the course instead of pushing a cart around the whole time is transformational. It's especially nice for a really hot day or a hilly course in that by the end of 18 holes you don't feel tired at all, and thus this thing can save you strokes. Besides, it's fun driving this thing around and easier than expected. There are various robot carts on the market from which to choose, and I shopped around online as well as observed and examined some first-hand before choosing this one. My opinion is this is an elegant, best-value electric cart.

- Carol G -